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What is Certification.Info?
Certification.Info is a global provider of information related to IT certification schemes. We also sell carefully selected and vetted support products and materials for a growing number of these.

How long have you been in business?
Our team has been providing technical and business information online for more than twelve years. We are the major online supplier of support products in several international markets.

How can I purchase a product?
Simply link through to the secure server and use any major creditcard.

What happens then?
You will be presented with download details during the purchase process. This information will also be sent by email. You will also be offered a receipt when you have purchased.

How do I download?
Simply click on the link provided. Your browser will invite you to specify where you want the zip file to be downloaded. You can then simply execute this file to unzip the documents and files.

Why are the kits so cheap??
We can offer such cost effective proces because we sell exclusively online, and hence attract very few overheads. Equally, we sell significant unit numbers, which enables us to benefit from economies of scale.

We pride ourselves in bringing the high quality resources to the market, at extremely cost effective prices. All resources are described extremely accurately. Honest representation of the products is one of our core values.

Your Certification Team.