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MCA - Microsoft Certified Architect


The MCA is an IT certification that demonstrates that the owner is an industry expert in IT Architecture. It was created to identify individuals who have a great deal of experience using multiple technologies in architecting solutions as well as providing the metrics that define the success or failure of the project.

This certification is maintained by the Microsoft Corporation, but the actual acceptance into the program is handled by a Review Board. The Review Board is made up of Microsoft Certified Architects or other industry experts.


The MCA is divided into two main architect roles:

  1. Infrastructure Architect - Responsible for architectures that are related to day to day activities that meet business requirements.
  2. Solutions Architect - Responsible for architectures that are related to solving specific business problems.
This certification is only open for limited periods of time and space is limited in this program. During this application period, only 250 applications are accepted.

To be considered, the individual must be a practicing IT architect and have a history of successful large scale projects. They must also be vendor-neutral in their previous projects and their ongoing approach.

Certification Criteria:

To gain this certification, the following process is completed:

  1. The individual must have at least ten of experience in the IT field;
  2. The individual must have at least three years of experience as an architect;
  3. They must submit the program application form and fee;
  4. If the individual passes the initial assessment, they will be contacted by a Microsoft Certified Architect for final acceptance into the program;
  5. After acceptance into the program, the individual needs to prepare for an interview with the Review Board, a dossier of previous work history, a case study, and specific proofs of the MCA program competencies;
  6. The individual must submit their final documentation from step #3 above and sit for the Review Board interview. The Review Board will decide if the individual is certified as an MCA.


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