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GSLC - GIAC Security Leadership Certification


The GCSC is a security management certification that demonstrates that the owner has learned the security essentials necessary to manage the security component in any IT project.

It is maintained by the SANS Institute (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security).


The GSLC is a management certification that covers how to manage the security aspects of IT projects. This includes concepts risk assessment, security policy and web security.

The SANS Institute offers a course for preparing for this certification. The course is called SANS Security Leadership Essentials for Managers and is listed as MGT-512.

The course can be taken through a SANS conference or course and through self-study.

Three separate levels are available through the GIAC certification tree (of which GSLC is part). By completing this certification, the individual is at the Silver level of certification.

The Gold level of certification requires the candidate to write a detailed technical report/white paper. If the paper is accepted, they will be certified as Gold level.

The Platinum level is the highest certification available and requires multiple Silver certifications. To obtain this certification, extensive testing, research and assignments are required.

Certification Criteria:

To be considered certified, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. The candidate must pay an examination fee. This fee can be added onto a conference course or paid by itself (called a challenge certificate);
  2. The candidate must pass two online exams, both multiple choice with time limits.
This certification must be renewed every four years.


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